Mariel Guay Hair & Makeup Artist


"Mariel came and did hair and makeup for me and 5 other people at out wedding last month.  She arrived promptly on time to our hotel that morning and could not have been more accommodating at the different issues that came up that day (changing locations midway through doing everyones makeup, difficult personalities, etc).  Although we all wanted very different looks-my MOH wanted something more glam, out mothers and grandmother wanted more natural, and I was somewhere in between- she accommodated all of our requests and everyone looked amazing.  Out completely outdoor wedding was probably one the hottest day of the summer, and my makeup and naturally frizzy hair still looked flawless at the end of the night (and more than one person commented on how I didn't look like I had sweat at all...quite the feat!)  Mariel is extremely talented, patient, and incredibly calm-just the kind of person you'd want around on your wedding day.  And her priced were reasonable, which doesn't hurt either.  Hire Her!" Cristina, Bridal Client Married 2015


"I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Mariel as my wedding day makeup artist! It was important to me to look like myself with a touch of glam and she captured that perfectly.  Mariel was punctual, prepared, and efficient.  She is also a pleasure to be around and very easy to talk to, definitely not the type of vendor who needs direction or hand holding.  After a long afternoon of tears and lots of dancing my makeup remained flawless! If you are on the hunt for a talented makeup artists with a great personality, Mariel is your girl!"  Maureen, Bridal Client Married 2015


"I could not have asked for a better makeup artist on my wedding day!  From the day I had my makeup trial I knew Mariel would make me feel beautiful on my wedding day.  Mariel was so down to earth and so fun to be around.  She made my bridesmaids and myself look so beautiful!  I highlight recommend Mariel to any and all bride!  I wish Mariel could do my make every day!" Laura, Bridal Client Married 2015

"Mariel is incredible!  I have been lucky enough to know Mar for quite some time now.  Mar has always had that special knack for beauty and I have loved taking advantage of her talents.  When it came time to decide on makeup for my “Big Day” I knew Mar was the only one who could do it and make sure it was still natural.  Mar not only made sure I looked beautiful, flawless and stood out just enough for pictures; she was even able to jump in and fix my hair after the salon didn’t do the best job. She truly is amazing at what she does and she spends so much time and effort making sure you love everything she does as well :)" Leah, Bridal Client Married 2013

"I was recently maid-of-honor for my cousin's wedding.  I knew I would be in a million photos so I decided to have both my hair and makeup professionally done by Mariel.  I was extremely happy with her amazing work!  She was fun and friendly and made the experience very enjoyable.  Mariel made sure I was comfortable with the style of both the hair and makeup she was thinking of doing and welcomed any input or instructions I had.  I did not have many specifics for her so she used her expertise to make the best decisions for my coloring and type of hair.  I have thick, long, frizzy hair and Mariel transformed it into smooth curling iron curls with a pretty infinity knot in the back.  She did a half up look, so it was out of my face but still long and flowing.  The knot was definitely my favorite part!  I was shocked when I saw the final makeup product.  I've never felt more glamorous and received compliments all day and night!  I did not have to touch up at all.  Despite having such a glam look, the makeup did not feel heavy.  Mariel apparently did some sort of magic and applied it so that it was done-up while still feeling natural.  I also felt like I still looked like me-- just much better of course!  I would recommend Mariel for weddings and other formal events, engagement photos, or even if you are just looking for a glamorous night out."  Andrea, Bridal & Special Occasion Client Since 2014

"After attending numerous summer weddings and working with many “bridal factory make-up artists” I found that working with Mariel was a very different experience. She didn’t just show me a look book of popular trends, but she had a conversation with me about my look. She asked about my dress and what hairstyle I was going to have just so that she could make sure the whole “look” was in continuity. It was her attention to detail and how much she cared that made her stand out to me. I felt that I was working with a real professional who was solely focused on making me look and feel beautiful. I would highly recommend working with Mariel for any special occasion." Brittany, Bridal & Special Occasion Client Since 2011

"Mariel did my hair and makeup for a wedding I was attending in Connecticut. This was my first time having my hair & make-up professionally done and it was absolutely flawless. She is very creative, open, and listens to the look you desire while still making reccommendations based on her years of experience. I would HIGHLY reccommend her to my friends and family."  Ally, Bridal & Special Occasion Client Since 2009

"Mariel did my hair and makeup for a wedding I was attending in Rhode Island. I'm quite particular about what I like, but she was sure to listen to me; taking into account my preferences, while offering her own recommendations about what would look most flattering. The finished product looked beautiful, and my satisfaction with her work, continued to improve throughout the night, from all the compliments I recieved. I highly recommend choosing Mariel for your hair and makeup. Her calm demeanor put me at ease, and her work proved to be truly incredible."  Sarah, Special Occasion Client Since 2012